Voyage en Irlande 2018

Trip to Ireland March 2018

This year 16 students and 3 teachers from Vauban were able to discover Dublin on a school trip from March the 12th to the 16th, 2018.

On Monday, we took a plane to Liverpool then a bus that drove us all the way to Holyhead in Wales where we took a boat to Dublin. During that day we visited a great fishing village on the coast in Conwy, Gallway. It was great and fortunately we didn’t have too much rain.

Dublin was fantastic and we had a lot of great activities such as visiting St Patricks’s church, the Book of Kell’s and the extraordinary library of Trinity College. Then we visited Dublin with a great guide who explained a lot of interesting things to us.

We also had a great visit of Croke Park stadium which is the third largest European sports stadium  after Barcelona stadium and Wembley stadium but that stadium is reserved for Irish games only : curling and Irish football. In the afternoon we practiced those two sports and it was a big fun but also very difficult because very different from all the sports that we know.

And finally we went to Corney’s Farm, one hour drive from Dublin, where we learnt how to make soda bread, we fed the animals, we saw a shepherd dog conducting the sheep to their enclosure, we learnt how to dance an online traditional Irish dance and to play the drums and finally we practiced in a field curling and Irish football, the typicall Irish games which rules we had seen the daybefore. In the afternoon before leaving we tested our bread with jam and butter. It was delicious and all the students really enjoyed that special day.

On the whole it was a great scholar trip and everybody enjoyed that experience.

Mrs Cavé, Mrs Forcioli and Mrs Ragazzi

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